Buy a Dance Floor has been formed to supply venues and companies with quality dance floors throughout the United Kingdom and Europe..

Our Oak Parquet wooden dance floors come in 3ft x 3ft Oak Parquet sections and 1.5ft x 3ft sections. These sections inter-lock without the aid of tools. The wooden panels are easy to clean and will last for years when looked after. 2 People can lay an 18ft x 18ft oak dance floor in around 10 minutes. This is ideal for tight turn around times

The Black and white panels are very similar to the oak panels. They measure 4ft x 2ft and 2ft x 2ft and inter-lock in the exact same way. As the Panels are slightly larger than the Oak parquet dance floor, you are able to lay this floor even quicker. The black and white chequered floor has an Acrylic surface making cleaning extremely easy and the dance floor very durable.

The pure black dance floor is of the same dimensions and materials as the black and white flooring. This dance floors is a must for corporate functions.

The pure white dance floor is also the same material and size as the jet black and black and white dance flooring. This floor is ideal for wedding functions and looks amazing in any style of room.

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We are here every step of the way to help you choose the right size and style of dance floor for your venue./event

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